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St George's Hotel

With COVID-19 currently in the forefront of everyone’s minds, we wanted to get in touch to re-assure you that we are doing everything that we can here at the St George’s Hotel to keep our guests and our team safe.

It is understood that the first symptom is fever, this means that if one of us has a fever or flu like symptoms, we know to take it very seriously and ask them to immediately talk to the management team if they display any signs. Procedures are in place for self-quarantine, and everyone knows the importance of this.

Tests suggest that the virus can be passed from human to human, in the same way you’d protect against flu and other nasty bugs, it’s important to practise good hygiene. With this in mind all of our staff have been instructed to wash their hands hourly, for a minimum of twenty seconds. We ask that if you are on site at the hotel you please do the same. Our staff will continue to use hand sanitizer when entering food and beverage preparation areas.

To protect our guests and staff from the threat of this virus we have undertaken a review to highlight areas of concern, so that we can put procedures into place to lessen the risk for guests and staff, which includes minimising all risk of spreading the virus where possible.

We have an amazing housekeeping team, who ensure that our bedrooms are the cleanest that they can be, from now on even further efforts will be dedicated to rooms that are check outs, to ensure absolute sanitisation for new guests that are checking in. These additional procedures will include:

  • Disinfection treatment of all switches, remote controls, handles, telephones etc.
  • Disinfection treatment of all surfaces.
  • Disinfection of bathrooms.

Please note these areas are of course always cleaned, but we are taking the added precaution of disinfecting them.

Our operations team already carry out a thorough daily cleaning of the hotel, in addition to this we will now complete the following additional procedures;

  • A nightly cleanse of all public areas including all armchairs, tables, curtains, cushions etc.
  • Disinfection of the kitchens after service each evening (in addition to the normal cleaning procedures).
  • All tableware and glassware to be sterilised by machine washing processes for every new sitting (as always).
  • All public door handles and public toilets will be more frequently sanitized

(Please note individual devices are known as ‘veritable reservoirs of pathogens’ – so please do clean your own mobile devices.)

We advise guests to use contactless payments whenever possible.

If you have an appointment booked in the near future regarding an event, wedding, meeting etc we will be in touch shortly to re-arrange the appointment, either for a later date (where possible) or via the telephone to minimise any risk of you or us catching and spreading the virus. If you do meet with us please don’t be offended but we will be discontinuing handshakes, hugs and kisses as greetings, which is sadly absolutely necessary for the time being.

We feel very lucky to have a fantastic team, the majority of which who have been with us for over two years, fifteen of which for more than five years, and ten of us more than ten years! With this strong team we will do everything that we can to help protect you, ourselves and our families, and yes, our livelihoods.

We are trying to do everything that we possibly can to make St George’s Hotel one of the safest places to visit.

With our very best wishes