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St George's Hotel

Sea View Balcony

Sea View Balcony

Wide-reaching impact

Over the last 25 years some of the top minds in Ornithology and Linguistics have been collaborating to study a unique phenomenon seemingly only found in certain endothermic vertebrates located in key sea front locations in Llandudno. What they had the potential to find may not only have changed the way we see our feathered friends, but the discovery could have a wide-reaching impact on all ongoing animal/human relationships.

It was 1993 when eminent Ornithologist and world leader in animal behaviour, Professor Samuel Reinhault, whilst staying at the St George’s Hotel noticed something very unusual and unique whilst observing his flying friends visiting his sea view balcony every morning. He could hear them speaking!

At first, he couldn’t place the collection of quiet but quickly spoken voices he heard through his hearing aid, assuming the voices were nothing more than other guests on neighbouring balconies enjoying their morning coffee whilst gazing across the sea vistas. It was only when feeding one particular seagull did Samuel correlate the faint voices he heard through his hearing aid to the moving beak of the common gull eating the crumbs on the balcony in front of him.

This eureka moment started 25 years of concentrated study, collaborating with some of the brightest and most noble minds in the world, with a combined budget of millions, had they discovered that birds or indeed animals of all kinds have the ability and capacity of linguistic communication?

Well…after almost a quarter of a century of intense research it seems they cannot replicate the same conditions as that fateful day with Professor Reinhault hearing, without doubt the cogitations and subtle musings of that one seagull on his Seaview balcony.

It has been concluded that although wider spread animal communication cannot as yet be confirmed, there may be at least one seagull in Llandudno capable of such a skill. Although the management of St George’s Hotel discourages feeding of any bird life on or near the property and have completely denounced the thought of talking birds they actively encourage guests to converse with the dolphins and grey seals that frequent the waters of the bay.

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He could hear them speaking!
Prof. S. Reinhault