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St George's Hotel

Guest Etiquette

Due to the current circumstances, we have had to make some changes to the way we host our guests here at St George’s Hotel. We would like to respectfully ask you to follow a few simple guidelines while enjoying your stay with us.


  • Your preferred dining times for Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and Dinner will have been noted, we would like to ask that you keep to these times to allow us to ensure suitable social distancing of all our guests.


  • You would have received a welcome email a few days before your arrival with an electronic registration card.
  • On check-in, you will be given a second registration card which we will require a signature. Once this has been signed, our friendly Receptionist will hand your room keys to you.
  • We kindly ask, on your arrival if you could scan one of our QR codes for the Track & Trace system.

Throughout your Stay

  • Please do not be offended if we don’t hold any doors open, this is in line with the social distancing guidelines that our team will be following.
  • Our team will be wearing PPE, but underneath they will all be smiling, ready to welcome you and answer any queries you may have.
  • Housekeeping - Bedooms will not be serviced by our housekeeping team during your stay unless your stay is 3 nights and longer. Should you need any additional towels or linen, toiletries, or tea/coffee tray items, please call our Reception team who will arrange for these to be delivered and left outside your room. If you are staying for 3 nights and longer, we can arrange for your room to be serviced. A time will need to be pre-arranged and we will have to ask that you vacate the room while our team are servicing.
  • Our public toilets are not available for guests use, we would respectfully ask that you use the bathroom in your room.
  • We would like to ask that you be respectful of all the social distancing guidelines and that a face covering is worn at all times in public areas (unless exempted which we would require an ID badge confirming this).
  • We have set up safety stations throughout the hotel, please feel free to use the hand sanitiser stations throughout your stay.
  • During your stay we would like to highlight that we prefer card/contactless payments. You are also able to transfer purchases to your room to settle on your departure.
  • If you have any concerns with regards to the cleanliness of an area of the hotel, please report this to the Reception team by dialling “0”.
  • We have created one-way routes (where possible) throughout the hotel, we would ask that you please respect these and follow the routes highlighted. Where this is not possible, we will reduce the number of guests in these areas.
  • Certain items have been removed from your bedroom, these include magazines, guest directory soft furnishings. All high touch points in your accommodation has been thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival.
  • In your room, please be aware crockery and other items have been replaced with disposable items. If you require more item during your stay, please contact our Reception team by dialling “0”.
  • Our Bar/Lounge will be open throughout your stay. We will be happy to take your order at your table and we will bring the items over to you.

Departure Day

  • We will have a designated space for luggage near the Reception desk but we are not liable for damage or loss to your personal belongings.
  • Your Departure - We will arrange for your hotel bill to be delivered to your room. Please check all the details and that everything is as it should be as the outstanding balance will be charged to your confirmed payment card. Should you have any queries please call the Reception Team to discuss.
  • Before you leave - Please drop your door key at reception into the designated key box and say goodbye to us.

We will continue to update this information with the latest information regarding your stay at St George’s Hotel.