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Cockney Cutters
Friday 18th March - 19:00

A 'Peaky Blinders' Inspired Mystery Evening Event

Murder Mystery

Cockney Cutters - A 'Peaky Blinders' inspired Murder Mystery Event

Back in the 1920s the streets of Britain were filled with violent gangs. Some known, like the Peaky Blinders of Birmingham, some less so. In one backstreet of London two gangs fight for dominance, the young, plucky Cockney Cutters Vs the older, ruthless Bloody Brothers, that is where you find yourselves, amongst the newest recruits for both gangs.

Who wins? You decide. One thing's for sure, not everybody is getting out alive.

This gritty 'Peaky Blinders' inspired murder mystery is presented by APF Theatre Company.

3 Course Dinner and Murder Mystery Entertainment

Suitable for over 16s only

£45 per person

Arrival from 7pm

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